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Cultural Awareness 

This workshop is designed to help create an awareness of the cultural blindspots that often divide and disrupt communities.  In this simple but powerful workshop participants will begin to see at a deeper level how cultural ignorance can breed frustration, resentment, bitterness and inflict emotional pain.

*Cultural Knowledge

This workshop is designed to explore how we come to think the way that we do about people, particularly people that are ethnically, racially and or culturally different than we are. We will then explore how our thinking might affect our thoughts and interactions towards people of different ethnic, and racial backgrounds. *Prerequisite  WS 1, WS 2


This workshop is designed to help participants to know and to be able to identify what  microaggressions are. The workshop will also address how microaggressions can negatively affect ethnic minorities in churches, Christian schools and Christian organizations.

Wild Card

If you have a topic in mind for a workshop that you do not see in our catalog around the topics of ethnicity, race, or diversity, we can work with you to help create it and lead it!

*Cultural Sensitivity

This workshop is designed to explore practical ways to use our awareness of cultural blindspots in order to engage one another about our ethnic, racial and or cultural differences. - *Prerequisite  WS 1

*Cultural Skill

This workshop is designed to be interactive and will incorporate information from the three previous workshops. The workshop is a very practical and hands on workshop that will include creating and performing role plays of real life situations of potential, ethnic, racial and cultural conflict. *Prerequisite WS 1, WS2, WS3

Conscious and Unconscious Bias

This workshop is designed to help participants to understand conscious and unconscious bias and how it can negatively affect our interactions with those of different ethnic and racial backgrounds.  The workshop will also help participants to identify and deconstruct negative forms of conscious and unconscious bias.

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