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Dear White Christian

Written by Relate2Color founder, Aaron Layton, Dear White Christian: What Every White Christian Needs to Know About How Black Christians See, Think, and Experience Racism in America is available on Amazon. Order your copy today!

During the racial and cultural events in 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri, Aaron Layton desperately wanted to discern what was going through the minds of his white colleagues, friends, and fellow church members. So, Aaron did what comes naturally for him -- he engaged in conversation with them. A trusted white friend responded, "Here is the deal: we don’t understand it; we don’t know what to say, and we don’t know what to do." His friend's response propelled Aaron to deepen the understanding of his white friends, with the hope that greater understanding would result in the unity believers can possess through Christ.
The lessons Aaron learned formed the foundation of Dear White Christian and, in essence, became a letter to the white Christians he knows and loves, as well as those he hopes to one day meet. Dear White Christian is designed for any white Christian who is seeking practical tools for beginning or continuing conversations with black brothers and sisters in Christ. The reader is encouraged to lean into what often makes us uncomfortable in order to gain insight, be challenged, and pursue growth for the glory of God. 



"A member of our church who has an inter-racial family, told me about Aaron and his book, Dear White Christian. What a joy to find out that Aaron was right here in our city working for racial reconciliation! I read the book and discussed it with a friend of a different race. It was such a helpful experiment that I invited him to speak to our staff and then to minister to our church on reconciliation. He has a passion for gospel-centered reconciliation and his joy is contagious!"

Shawn Craig

Pastor of Crosspoint Church

Member of Phillips, Craig and Dean

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