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Diversity Training


Let Relate2Color train your leadership team and or congregation.





Relate2Color can provide itinerant preachers, and Keynote speakers for your church or organization.

Diversity Strategy Developement


Relate2Color can help your church, or organization to create a ministry plan, or a strategic plan, that is measureable and obtainable.


  • Unconscious Bias

  • Microaggressions 

  • Privilege

  • Having racial conversations


  •  Biblical Social Justice

  •  Racial reconciliation, a Christian concept

  • Why every evangelical church should be committed to racial reconciliation, and social justice                                               


  • Direction

  • Programs

  • Education

  • Planning

  • Leadership 


  • The coming harvest: The people of color

  • Jesus and the dirty woman

  • The International God

  • Mercy, Justice, and the actions of a King

Diversity Conferences

  • Middle School Christian Diversity Conference (The Imago Dei Conference)



If you have an idea for a workshop just make a request, and Relate2Color will create it and conduct it for you.