“I am deeply grateful for the ministry of Aaron Layton, as he has worked and worshipped in numerous settings, bringing the richness of Gospel understanding and sensitivity to diverse people groups in order to transform communities and churches.”  

Bryan Chapell
Senior Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church, Peoria, Illinois
Former President of Covenant Theological Seminary, Saint Louis, Missouri
"As the Director of Diversity at Westminster Christian Academy, Aaron has demonstrated exemplary knowledge, understanding, and skill in advancing a school culture that celebrates diversity and meets the challenges of diverse people living in Christian community. He is articulate in presenting the challenges, issues, and opportunities relating to diversity, and effective in helping people from every tribe and language and people and nation (Revelation 5:9) relate to one another.
James Marsh
Head of School Emeritus, Westminster Christian Academy, Saint Louis, Missouri
We  invited Aaron to speak at a JOY FM staff meeting. His passion for unity and living out God's love
n our community was inspiring and contagious."
Sandi Brown
General Manager and morning show co-host for JOY FM 99.1, Saint Louis, Missouri
“Aaron Layton brings a spirit of humility, wisdom and empathy to his efforts to be an agent of reconciliation between
the races, all leavened with a sense of humor and a desire to serve others in the name of Jesus Christ. He has served
our church and this community with great compassion and has opened our eyes both to
what we do not know and to what can one day be."

Scott Holley
Elder, Greentree Community Church, Saint Louis, Missouri
“When racial tensions surfaced in Columbia, we would have been completely unprepared to minister to our church and our community if it hadn’t been for our relationship with Aaron Layton. Aaron had helped us see the world through the eyes of a black Christian man, provided us a safe environment to ask questions, gave us practical ideas on how to align our congregation, and pointed us to the right resources to continue to grow. And he did it all by encouraging us without pushing or pressuring. God has taught us a lot about racial reconciliation in 2015 and Aaron was often the instrument he used."

Keith Simon
Senior Teaching Pastor, The Crossing Church, Columbia, Missouri
"I brought Aaron in to speak to our campus ministry after some intense racial tensions surfaced at our university and we were very pleased with the presentation.  Aaron did an incredible job communicating and connecting with our predominantly white major culture campus ministry group in ways that were both winsome and challenging.  I would give Aaron my highest recommendation and I am already looking for ways to have him back to speak to our students."

Chris McKinney

Campus Director, CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ), University of Missouri

"Aaron opened his heart to us at our ladies retreat and helped us to see how it feels to be African American in a majority white world.  He was authentic, kind and articulate and because of this many people felt encouraged to live more openly towards people that are different than them.


Connie Kirk 

Women's Ministry Coordinator, Christ Community Church of Daytona, Daytona, Florida

"After reading Dear White Christian, I was convinced that Aaron needed to come to my Christian school to advise us regarding how we could better serve our students of color.  Aaron came, met with dozens of people, listened carefully, shared great ideas, and left us with a number of suggestions and resources that are helping us strategically embrace and celebrate our diversity.  I would recommend Aaron to everyone who is serious about connecting with their Christian brothers and sisters who come from different cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds.  You will find him to be a wonderful, effective ambassador for Christ."

John Davis

President of Heritage Christian Schools, New Berlin, Wisconsin

"Aaron has a gift for helping us take a deep look into ourselves, to recognize how our values have been shaped,

and to realize how those beliefs are manifested in the workplace.  Yes, Aaron provides diversity training, but more importantly,

he provides a method to achieve inclusion.  This is hard work, but we already are seeing the results in our agency!"

Melanie Scheetz 

Executive Director, The Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition of Saint Louis, Missouri